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Dr Abram Ber talks about Salt Therapy for Respiratory Relief

Today we are fortunate to have Dr Abram Ber, an esteemed homeopathic medical doctor, talking about his experience with patients and salt therapy. As he discusses in the video the benefits of salt room therapy have been shown effective with a number of patients, including his wife. Watch here:

Dr. Abram Ber graduated from McGill University, Montreal, Canada with a medical degree and for more than 30 years has practiced holistic medicine. He made the transition from a conventional medical practice when he realized that his role as a doctor was to create a holistic wellness model. His lifelong research has produced many natural health modalities that have assisted thousands in his busy Scottsdale office. As a leading advocate for holistic medicine, he has been politically active in maintaining our freedom of health choices in Arizona.
Dr. Ber’s use of non-invasive electro-dermal testing quickly gives him insights into creating diagnostic and therapeutic avenues to correct the imbalances of his patients and return them to wellness.

Modalities used by Dr. Ber include:

ENVIRONMENTAL MEDICINE – Allergies to food, inhalants and chemicals treated by the use of sublingual drops to desensitize the patients’ allergic reactions.

ORTHOMOLECULAR MEDICINE – Intravenous administration of vitamins and minerals.

TREATMENT OF GLANDULAR WEAKNESS – Thyroid, adrenal, and non-toxic drug free hormone replacement for men and women.

ANTI-AGING THERAPIES – Natural hormone replacement, supplemental programs, and newly discovered super nutrients.

Chronic Health Challenges Treated:

Yeast – Candida Albicans

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Allergies – Food, Environmental, and Inhalants

Learning Disabilities (Focus on Children)

Auto-Immune Disorders

Bowel Problems i.e. Crohns, Irritable, Constipation…

DR. ABRAM BER, M.D. – HOMEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN 5011 N. Granite Reef Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85250. 480-941-2141. Homeopathy, Neutralization of Allergies, and Chronic Conditions addressed.