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Watch Fox NEWS Video – Treating Respiratory Problems with Salt Therapy

This week has been quite the media extravaganza for Salt Chalet Arizona. I was interviewed for two different segments by FOX news here in Phoenix Arizona to discuss the benefits for Allergies, Asthma, and many other respiratory and skin conditions. The FOX news team was great and they did a full walk through of the facility. Have a watch and then call me to setup an appointment to try it for yourself:

Here is the page on Fox News about Salt Chalet Arizona:

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – Homeopathic salt therapy is now being offered at the Salt Chalet in Scottsdale near Chaparral and Hayden.

Its walls and floors are covered in layers of salt from the Dead Sea.

Here’s how it works: people lay in the reclining chairs while a halogenerator distributes the tiny salt particles throughout the room.

“Get into your system..your lungs, respiratory tract, your sinuses..they kill the bacteria on the spot, they kill all the parasites, microbes..if you have mold, they dry the mold, they open your passages..they make you feel great like a brand new person,” said Pavel Gershovich, Salt Chalet’s owner.

Soft music plays and two million different colors rotate in the room which Gershovich says helps with stress.

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